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Licensed Mental Health Practitioner

Fort Pierce And Okeechobee, FL

New Horizons of the Treasure

Jordan Howard

[email protected]


Job Description:

Provides biopsychosocial evaluation, treatment planning and individual and multi-client counseling activities for assigned clients. Maintains clinical and administrative documentation for assigned clients as prescribed by Agency Policy and Procedure and by governing law.

A Master's Degree in a Human Services field, and a current Florida license in Social Work and experience working with mentally ill/emotionally disturbed/chemically dependent populations.

• Must be in good physical condition with no restrictions of movement.
• Must be able to apply Therapeutic Effective Aggression Management (TEAM) Techniques without limitations.

1.0 Engages in hours of direct (face-to-face) client services for assigned clients at the rate determined to meet contractual and clinical obligations.
1.1 Hours may vary depending on contractual and programmatic need, but shall be at least 26 billable hours per week.
1.2 Counselors will be informed of their productivity expectations upon hire, at the beginning of each fiscal year, and at any time requirements may change.

2.0 Conducts biopsychosocial evaluations for new and existing clients
2.1 Evaluations are performed in accordance with the Agency's policy and procedure relative to frequency and timeliness for the occurrence of this activity.
2.2 Evaluations are updated upon transfer, readmission or significant clinical change and are repeated annually, if indicated. 85% of client's in treatment beyond one year will have an updated evaluation.

3.0 Develops and maintains a written treatment plan for each client.
3.1 Individualized treatment plans are developed and reviewed with participation from the client as possible and written in behavioral terms with measurable goals and objectives and are written in consumer friendly terms.
3.2 Treatment Plans are maintained in accordance with the Agency's policies and procedures for frequency and timeliness.
3.3 85% of treatment plans will be reviewed timely, and at least every six months.
3.3 Treatment Plans are appropriately signed and properly credentialed.
3.4 Treatment Plans are co-signed by other team members, as indicated.

4.0 Conducts individual, group and multi-client counseling activities.
4.1 Individual, group and multi-client counseling activities are performed in accordance with the Agency's standards for the use of various counseling modalities, as well as frequency and length of counseling sessions.
4.2 Individual, group and multi-family counseling sessions will occur weekly unless variations is defined in the Individualized Treatment Plan.
4.3 Multi-family therapy will be conducted at a frequency deemed appropriate by the counselor and the client.

5.0 Practices evidence-based/best practice counseling strategies.
5.1 To the extent that it is clinically appropriate, one-on-one counseling activities are provided within 8-10 sessions, group activities within 9-18 sessions.
5.2 Uses evidenced-based or best practice counseling techniques whenever providing counseling.

6.0 Prepares written documentation for each service conducted.
6.1 Written documentation for each service conducted is performed in accordance with the Agency's standards for service documentation in the client's medical record.
6.2 SALs are completed, reviewed for accuracy and turned in daily for in-office counselors and weekly for field-based counselors.
6.3 Report of Contact is current and reflects 100% of services provided.
6.4 Clinical records are accurate, individualized, and charting is completed in a timely manner.

7.0 Completes all state and Agency mandated enrollment and outcome documents.
7.1 Completes state enrollment packets upon admission and discharge and re-enrollment packets upon the first service of each new fiscal year, if indicated.
7.2 Completes 85% of state outcome measures upon admission, discharge, and quarterly or as needed for as long as client remains in program or as assigned.

8.0 Actively participates in the certification, service and billing of clients covered by insurance or managed care plans.
8.1 Completes managed care applications in a timely manner.
8.2 Completes the clinical portions of any documentation required to bill insurance companies in a timely manner.
8.3 Works with Office Manager to ensure initial and on-going certification for counseling services.

9.0 Actively participates as a member of a multidisciplinary team for clients receiving other services inside or outside the New Horizons continuum of care.
9.1 Staff cases with psychiatrist/ARNP, as appropriate but at least every six months for clients in medication management services.
9.2 Ensures review of the Individualized Treatment Plan by client, family and other providers, as appropriate.

10.0 Complete transition/transfer/discharge summary upon completion of counseling services, or upon transfer to another practitioner or level of care.
10.1 Transition Summaries are completed upon completion of counseling services and when a client is being moved to another level of care. A copy of the Transition Plan is provided to the client.
10.2 Discharge Summaries are completed upon termination of counseling Services (whether discharge is successful or not) and placed in the medical record.

11.0 Performs other duties as requested.
11.1 Miscellaneous duties are performed according to instruction.

07/31/2019 10/29/2019



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