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Speech/Language Pathologist (Part Time)

Cooperstown, New York

Bassett Health Network


[email protected]

Job Description:

Speech/Language Pathologist (Part Time)

Immediate opportunity at Bassett Healthcare Network!

Job Summary:

Performs evaluations, develops treatment plans, and implements speech/language pathology services for patients according to principles and practices of the profession. The speech/language pathologist is competent to provide services to patients infants to adult geriatric.

Minimum Requirements:

Education/Quali cations:

• An M.S. degree in speech/language pathology from a college or university

• Eligibility for a certi cate of clinical competency during a clinical fellowship year is also acceptable


• Experience as a Speech/language Pathologist prior to employment is desired.

• New graduates for a clinical fellowship year, with a designated clinical mentor will be considered.

Licensure/Certi cates:

• NYS license as a Speech/Language Pathologist required.

• For new grads – NYS license as a Speech/Language Pathologist must be obtained within 12 months from date of hire.


• Must be capable of understanding and carrying out prescribed diagnostic and therapy services as requested by physicians and/or midlevel providers including competency in radiologic studies within the scope of the profession.

Physical Requirements:

• This position requires frequent standing, sitting, and walking, as well as bending

• Must be able identify and differentiate colors.

Essential Job Functions:

The following section contains representative examples of work that will be performed in positions allocated to this classi cation. Bassett Healthcare is a dynamic organization, and the environment can be uid. Roles and responsibilities can often be expanded to accommodate changing patient or organizational needs and conditions as well as to tap into skills and talents of employees.

Accordingly, employees may be asked to perform duties that are outside the speci c functions that are listed.

1) Evaluates impairment and/ or disability and
develops a treatment plan to improve function.

a. Provides a legible written treatment plan in the medical record of acute care patients on the same day that the patient is evaluated, 100% of the time, with no more than 1 exception per month.

b. **Dictates a note on outpatients in an evaluation template or SOAP format to assess the patients current status, on the same day the patient is seen.

c. Co-ordinates requests for video uroscopy studies with the scheduling staff in the radiology department, to maximize access. Dictates ndings on the same day as the exams, and insures the referring physician and/or institution receives the results, 100% of the time.

d. Achieves positive functional outcomes measured through routine chart review and / or PI studies

e. Continuously seeks opportunities to both learn and teach clinical techniques that will enhance patient care. Actively participates in clinical in-services as a presenter and attendee.

2) Demonstrates the ability to evaluate and/or treat the assigned number of patients per day, and determine the need for follow-up visits to maximize the functional outcomes.

• Produce 5.5 hours per day of billable time (determined by charges billed at the current rate for a speech evaluation)

3) Accepts responsibility for reviewing patient referrals and insurance information to insure coverage for rendered services is appropriate, and within the acceptable authorization guidelines, 100% of the time.

• Review Medicare documentation for a timely referral, properly dated notes, accurate cpt codes and objective measurements o improvement.

• Review the insurance coverage of each patient with HMO coverage prior to initiating a course of therapy, and inform the patient of the number of visits he/she is eligible for. This should be done 100% of the time for HMO patients, unless a copy of the approved course of therapy has already been received by the patient.

4) Performs similar or related duties as requested or directed

• Performs other duties as requested and observed by supervisor or manager.

Please visit

For more information, or to apply, please email
Kim Steenburg, Human Resources Recruiter,
Bassett Healthcare Network,
at [email protected]
or call 607-547-4558

10/13/2020 12/31/2020



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